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Introduction of Sadra 1400 event

The construction industry is one of the leading industries in order to achieve a leap in production and economic dynamism, the scope and diversity of which is constantly evolving.

In this regard, the Construction Industries Department of Sadra International Holding, which has a brilliant history as a representative of Iran in the International Exhibition of New Urban Technologies, in the form of the “Sadra 1400” event showed its latest solutions and achievements, with the aim of creating economic value and greater profitability and provides attractiveness and satisfaction for buyers.

In this event, the latest knowledge-based products, based on the needs of the construction industry, especially in facilitating the supply of standard materials such as (cement, rebars and new prefabricated walls, etc.), facilities, pipes and fittings, elevators and escalators, BMS And Smart Management, Virtual Reality systems, and pre-sales of buildings based on augmented VR and AR technologies were unveiled and reviewed.

products and services:

  • Smart Home
  • Steel Sections (Rebar, …)
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Elevator and escalator
  • Lightweight prefabricated structures based on knowledge-based technologies
  • Water treatment system based on biotechnology
  • Special export slab stones
  • Various ceramic and tiles
  • Cement
  • Digital Marketing

catalog of products and services