heather stone


 The family of this stone is the result of calcareous sediments and comes with different degrees of porosity.

 They are considered as natural, luxurious and decorative stones.

Advantages and benefits:

These stones do not change color in light and their filled pores prevent slipping.

 These stones act as sound and heat insulation

 Due to the calcareous nature of these stones, they form a good coupling with sand and cement mortar.

Applicable for:

The most common use of travertine stones is the classic design in modern buildings.

The best stone for use in the interior and exterior of the building is Travertine.

This family of stones is used in the interior of swimming pools, building stairs, fireplaces, stone sculptures and pots, walls and floors in the interior of the building, toilets and baths, stone barbecues, and the like.

Types of travertine:

 Ramsheh Cream – Hajiabad – Abbas Abad – Bukhari Valley – Abyaneh – Takab – Dehshir – Torg – Khalkhal – Smoked Silver – Date Smoked – Azarshahr Red – Azarshahr Lemon – Azarshahr Walnut – Kashan Chocolate – Yazd Chocolate

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