heather stone


  • The change in structure and metamorphism of lime stone leads to the formation of Onyx stone.
  • Pure Onyx is white.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • This stone has a variety of colors according to the number of salts in it, including green, red, brown, yellow, gray, and black.
  • There is a lot of variety in the color of this excellent stone, created to form a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere with the association of nature and create a feeling of calm to the viewer.
  • Its strength and durability are undeniable, which in addition to art and beauty in the facade of buildings, also increases its durability and useful life.

Applicable for:

  • Due to the ability to be polished to be like a mirror and the attractiveness of wavy veins on its surface, which are visible as striped, wavy, and spotted veins, to be used as a decorative stone with backlighting and light transmission power, inside the building, Luxury building projects in luxurious lobbies, counters, and sculptures are considered by building designers and architects.
  • Onyx stones are used in the facade of the building, due to their unique beauty and having a suitable degree of hardness, high resistance to moisture and abrasion, high polish ability, no dust absorption, no heat absorption, easy cleaning, radiance, and light reflection, has a unique and valuable place among the engineers of this profession, but because of its properties, it is better to be used in the interior of the building.
  • Onyx uses include facades of buildings, paving, and flooring, kitchen counters, stairs, bathrooms and toilets, sculptures, and stone artifacts. Onyx has an extraordinary ability to sub and polish. This extraordinary stone can transmit light and in dealing with light, it creates a unique glow in it. It is also used for sinks, dishes, kitchen counters, and the floor of the hall. Onyx stones have a cold surface and show good performance in tropical or crowded areas such as shrines.

Types of Onyx:

White Shrine – Orange Gold (Orange) – Blue – Herat – Pink – Green – Beige yellow – Butterfly color

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