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Marble is a decorative limestone that is classified as a sedimentary rock in geology.

Advantages and Benefits:

The color variety of marble stones with a variety of light to dark colors such as pink, cream, yellow, green, brown, and red is remarkable.

The porosity of marble stones is low and they have high abrasion, which finally after processing, we will have a marble stone with an enchanting appearance.

Applicable for:

The nominal and structural similarity of this type of stone to onyx stones often confuse the two, but it should be borne in mind that there are several differences and similarities between the two, some of which are:

Marble is a type of sedimentary limestone, while onyx is classified as metamorphic limestone.

Marble and onyx react with acidic materials and dissolve in them.

Onyx has the ability to transmit light, but marble does not have this feature.

The strength and price of onyx are more than marble.

The first use of marble is in buildings, while the first use of onyx is in the manufacture of artifacts, accessories, and stone decorations.

Both gradually become gloomy in the presence of air, and both are white if pure.

The strength and durability of marble are less than granite and more than travertine. Marble is a porous stone that has a lower porosity than travertine and more than granite and onyx.

Important applications of this type of stone can be used as walls and floors in stylish shopping malls, hotels, and luxury places, in the interior of buildings as paving, staircases, floors of residential, office, commercial units, and stairwells. Mentioned and due to its low resistance to weather changes, its use in outdoor spaces should be avoided. This stone has a good export market.

Types of Marble:

Abadeh – Adavi – Salsali – Dehbid – Partavousi – Chehrak – Emperador – Diplomat – Hersin – Black Najafabad – Persian Silk – Lashotor – Marvdasht – Gohar – Golden Black – Mahkam – Khoy – Joshaghan – Ark Birjand – Limeston – Spider – Red Khoy – Palladium – Silversky – Opal – Wood Design – Dragon – President – Marshall – Proto – Shahrekord – Koohrang – Paradise – Jiroft – Simkan – Red Bavanat – Semirom – Cappuccino – Black Symphony – CC Lee – Rose Marble – Magestic – Camellia – Boochlato

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