heather stone


 This family of stones is one of the most famous categories of building stones that are the result of the deformation of volcanic molten materials into two categories of internal igneous rocks and outer igneous rocks.

Advantages and Benefits:

 The granite stone of the building has desirable durability and longevity and is resistant to snow, rain, heat, and ultraviolet radiation of the sun, and allows it to be used in the interior and exterior of buildings.

Applicable for:

Granite stones are very resistant to impact, corrosion, frost, penetration, and high heat. This product is impermeable to water and is resistant to climate change and acid rains, as well as resistant to chemicals, has a very high degree of hardness and good resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and heat.

 Distinctive features of this stone are high hardness and a great variety of colors such as white, peach, orange, gray, black, etc.

 Different processing of granite stone according to their type of application in environments such as paving, staircase stone, interior and exterior stone of buildings, parking lots of residential centers, projects of commercial centers as walls and flooring in busy passages, Kitchen counters, stairs, floors, sculptures and stone decorations or as a cabinet stone.

Types of granite:

 White Natanz – Black Natanz – Nehbandan – Taybad – Morvarid – Kojin – Maragheh – Red Yazd – Green Birjand – Lettuce – Zahedan – Shaghayegh – Black Sarkan – Black Tuyserkan – Black Chayan- Black Cherry – Khorramdareh – Boroujerd

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