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  Crystal stone is from the category of marble and metamorphic stones, the structure of the crystal stone is made of calcite and is in the category of thin stones.

  The frequency of this stone is mostly white and in the form of large and visible crystals, its other colors are light and dark gray (due to carbon), pink and red (due to hematite), green (due to chlorite and silicates) and it is creamy and yellow (due to the presence of limonite).

Advantages and Benefits:

  It’s very high hardness and high resistance to abrasion, impact, tensile strength and good flexibility are the advantages of this family.

  Crystal stone has a very good cutting and polishing ability.

  Has the ability to be processed in the form of Bookmatch and Fourmatch, which doubles its beauty.

Applicable for:

  Due to its light and often white color, it is more used in tropical areas to reduce heat transfer into the building as a stone decoration.

  It is mostly used in the interior of the building and in the exterior of buildings as a stone facade or used in wet environments such as toilets, floor paving, use on the roof, sidewalks, streets, and road infrastructure, as well as because High resistance to cold and heat and detergents is applicable to use in offices, restaurants, health centers, and commercial centers.

  The most important application of crystal stone is used as a decorative stone in the interior and exterior of buildings.

Types of crystal stone:

Persian Skato – Neyriz – Azna – Sirjan – Crystal – Laybid – Qorveh – Aseman – Panda – Mashhad – Tiara – Jupiter

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