Building optimization and smartening have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption and costs. The Sadra International Holding Building Management System offers the following comprehensive solutions:

  • Smart Cold & Heat Control System
  • Smart Alarm and Fire Extinguishing System
  • Smart lighting control system
  • Smart emergency power control system
  • Smart elevator control system
  • CCTV smart system
  • Smart access control system
  • Smart system for receiving satellite and TV signals
  • Smart infrastructure control system, providing information and telecommunications

The smart control system can provide the lowest energy consumption, managing the performance of the lights, the number of home lights and manage the operation of the ventilation system.

The advantages of smart energy are as below:

  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Systems integration
  • Quick troubleshooting to avoid wasting energy resources
  • Facilitating tasks (One-click on the mobile can monitor the performance of the installed systems)
  • Reducing maintenance costs