The human tendency to progress will never stop moving, and the place of new technologies in everyday life is undeniable for all. Sadra’s international holding has been in line with global advances, research and development projects in the field of new technologies. Since our country has faced drought and depletion in recent years due to geographical and climatic conditions, focusing on this sector as one of the main priorities of Sadra International Holding for solving the problem of water scarcity and reuse of water resources. Utilize new technologies. Bio cube technology is one of the technology projects of this holding which was presented at the first exhibition of modern city technologies and welcomed.

Based on the climate of the Middle East and Iran, Bio Ware technology has numerous successful industrial and urban projects, even in fragile areas away from infrastructure, which, besides, saves water resources, produces a lot of productivity and reduces costs.

The unique advantages of this technology are the ease of installation, implementation and adaptation to environmental conditions, the occupation of the least space and, most importantly, the odor of the refining process, which distinguishes biocide from other filtration systems that are the leading technology and refined wastewater as a valuable asset.