Fields of activity of Sadra International Holding:

SADRA International Holding:

Kish Iranian Great Knowledge and Industries Int. known as Sadra International Holding (SIH); Since its establishment, relying on the knowledge and experience of its human capital and the creation of new technologies and its institutionalization in the important field of industry and trade has been able to have significant growth at the domestic and foreign levels in the fields of basic knowledge, engineering, production, trade, and investment.
Today, as one of the economic complexes, it is a well-known name in the country and in the international markets.
New and dynamic management, commitment to human values and localization of modern technologies, and investing in its pervasiveness and implementation of major industrial and development projects, are among the achievements of this international holding.

The scope of services and activities of Sadra International Holding are:
• Production of steel sections and standard construction materials with the aim of creating sustainable employment.
• Trading and supplying raw materials and equipment of production factories from domestic and foreign sources.
• Investing in various fields of support, start-ups, stock market and etc., with the aim of developing domestic business and supporting the production of Iranian goods and services.
• Commercialization of smart technologies in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), buildings, and smart cities with the aim of increasing the welfare and quality of life of citizens.
• Participation in production, design, and implementation of industries in various fields in order to develop the quantitative and qualitative level of domestic production.
• Localization of technology and supply of equipment, construction, and operation of knowledge-based industries in various fields.
• Expand the trade of goods and services through e-commerce infrastructure.