Complex of Sadra Steel Industries:

Dustry and steel production are considered as one of the driving forces of the country and play a significant role in achieving economic growth.

From other areas of the Sadra International Holdings activity, Sadra Steel Industries Complex includes all stages of the steel cycle from mines to the production of various types of steel products and sections. The complex is proud to operate the motto of Resistance Economics, one of the main suppliers of raw material for large steel mills in the country, as well as the production and sale of .various products such as pellets, sponge iron, all kinds of ingots, types of sheets.

Smart Tower of Sadra:

Sadra’s international holding in the field of intelligence, as the first initiative to equip Sadra’s intelligent building on the beautiful Kish Island, is the forerunner of this arena as the first ever smart building (utilizing day-to-day knowledge technologies and domestic experts and elites) is.